Those who achieve more than others have no greater potential, but they make more use of it.


Discover your resources and opportunities.

The combination of individual counseling, personal feedback and practice-oriented training makes it possible to develop questions and problem areas that affect the personal and professional side of life.


Are you interested in:

Developing appropriate problem-solving strategies for the topic that is in the front of your mind?


Themes for personal development could involve:

  • find out what is holding you back, and why

  • change your internal landscape & learn new behavior

  • formulate new life or career goals

  • learning to deal with stress or burnout.


Coaching professionally supports the opportunity for reflection and development in the private and professional environment. Through personal and individual process, your own patterns of thinking and acting become transparent and changeable. On this basis, you learn how to develop your own strategies and how to realize your desired goals.


In our team

We combine the psychological know-how of work and organizational psychology and neuropsychology as well as the knowledge of systemic therapy, body oriented approaches and the personality development model of the transaction analysis.

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