The horse as co-partner

The horse as a training partner is honest, trustworthy, incorruptible and strong. Horses respond directly, and without thinking tactically. Horses recognize our behaviors and feelings and reflect them unadulterated. An understanding with the horse is therefore is only possible through body language and in connection with our inner attitude. And this is exactly the starting point of our training.


Outside stable instead of seminar room

Participate instead of going along

Experience and feel instead of boredom and going along


  • access to unused potential and skills

  • increase of the perception ability

  • learn new ways of connecting

  • learn to be truly in the moment

  • strengthening self-confidence and assertiveness


Who can participate?

  • All who want to get to know themselves

  • All those who want to learn more in dealing with others (family, colleagues, employees).

  • All who want to experience an extraordinary seminar:



  • One- or multi-day seminars

  • 3 hour workshops or individual sessions by arrangement.

At least 2 trainers carry out the seminar training sequences and accompany the participants individually during and after the exercises.

The number of participants for the group is at least 4, maximum 8. Individual or couple sessions are available by appointment.


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Recognize and express your own boundaries with the horse

Date: March

Location: Amsterdam

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