Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness and meditation have beneficial effects on physiological and psychological well-being and change the way our brain works in terms of concentration, emotion regulation, and stress resilience.

More and more companies are using this effect to give executives and employees the opportunity to switch off, let go and recharge their batteries in today's stressed and hectic times. In the western world, a straightforward and easy-to-practice meditation style has developed in private and professional areas: the mindfulness training or "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" (MBSR).

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn was developed in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts. This method is universally applicable and free of beliefs. Mindfulness offers the opportunity to look at events from a new and different angle. There is more room for ideas, problem-solving approaches and creative action.



  • Integration in the workplace: 6 sessions a 60 minutes in operation (for example during lunch break)

  • Directly applicable mindfulness tools

  • Exercises and direct experience are in the foreground

  • Getting to know and dealing with stress

  • Apply and integrate the learned skills in the private and professional context

  • Embedding the experience in neuroscientific fundamentals

  • Changing patterns & build health-promoting habits


What is included

Qualified trainer with health insurance approval.

Complimentary book and audio files


Get a customized program for your business



Mona Irrmischer, PhD is a neuro-psychologist and has examined the effects of meditation on the brain. She has been in contact with mindfulness for a decade and a certified trainer since 2014. Since she is applying mindfulness in stress management and meditation trainings for companies and private.

More information on Mona see here

Effects of Mindfulness

  • contributes to a constructive and appreciative working atmosphere

  • strengthens resilience to accept and manage conflicts, failures and life crises

  • helps to meet stressors and unpleasant situations in different way

  • makes you more open and free in problem solving

  • extends horizon and decision strategies

  • build up mental abilities like generosity, serenity, constructive communication and listening

  • you get to know yourself and others better

  • increases emotional intelligence

  • strengthens self-confidence